Zirconia is a ceramic material used for prosthodontic prosthesis such as crowns and bridges. Though zirconia has excellent physical properties care should be taken to prevent excessive stress and pressure on monolithic zirconia as it tends to damage the internal tooth structure, TMJ joint, alveolar bone. To prevent wear and damage to the TMJ zirconia prosthesis comes with a splint from the company to prevent the wear of dentition which adds up to the cost of the prosthesis. Early complication include irreversible repairs, gingival irritation, post op tooth sensitivity. Most frequent failure is chipping of veneer due to low flexural strength in anterior region for single crowns. When a ceramic is veneered over monolithic zirconia fractures are seen due to high occlussal loads. The fractured monolithic zirconia prosthesis cannot be corrected though bonding agents are used to bond the fractured segments but its strength gets compromised fabrication of full.