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InDent Laboratory has been using the world’s latest technology and state of the art machines for creating dental crowns and bridges required in prosthesis. InDent has been producing crowns as per research conducted by International Institute Of Dental Research, renowned and acclaimed for their founder’s research in Implantology.

InDent specialises in producing crowns and bridges for:

  1.  Same Day Fixed Teeth
  2.  Cancer Rehabilitation
  3.  Zygomatic Implant Restorations
  4.  Immediate Loading of Implants
  5.  Advanced Dentistry Procedures
Indent Dental Laboratory


InDent Laboratory aims to help Dentist and Surgeon reduce chair time and deliver accurate results for all types of rehabilitations for their patients. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service makes us a trusted partner in advancing dental care.


We at InDent Laboratory provide success oriented, efficient and effective prosthetic solutions for your patients and we never stop researching for innovative and advanced technology.

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