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We at Indent Dental Laboratory believe what we provide for your patients is more than simple dentistry. We believe we contribute beauty to the world. Creating beautiful, customized smiles and bringing joy to our patients is a calling we take very diligently. We believe getting to know your patients is the first brushstroke in this creation. The process is a true creative collaboration. For us, excellence is our constant artistic pursuit. Cutting-edge technology and use of the latest techniques in smile design are supplemented by years of training and a true love for our craft. We at Indent Dental Laboratory strive for nothing less than the mastery of this medium and help Dentists reduce their chair time. We are proud to use most advanced technology and treatment protocols and be a part of Digital Smile Design.


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Indications, advantages and disadvantages of Zirconia 

Zirconia is a ceramic material used for prosthodontic prosthesis such as crowns and bridges. It is stronger than porcelain, corrosion resistant , translucent and has high flexural strength.

How should a clinician and lab communicate

A clinician should communicate with his lab technician to plant and execute the reatorative procedures to acheive excellent results.Advanced knowledge of the materials used for fabrication of prosthesis can be imparted by the dentist to the technician.

Failure of zirconia prosthesis

Zirconia is a ceramic material used for prosthodontic prosthesis such as crowns and bridges. Though zirconia has the  excellent physical properties care should taken to prevent excessive stress and pressure on monolithic zirconia. 

Zirconia trade-off between strength and esthetics

Zirconia offers a best balance between strength and esthetics. Due to its less chemical reactivity and high strength to withstand high occlusal forces it is a great choice for posterior crowns and bridges. It is lustrous, translucent and can be veneered with conventional procelain to acheive high esthetic prosthesis. 

Importance to restore your bite

Is it possible to walk only with your right leg or just use your left hand, yes it is possible but obviously with difficulty. Then why do you make your jaw joint go through such difficulty by eating from only your one side. Restore your bite with a excellent mayofunctional crown and bridge and relieve your joint with the strain.