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"Veneers" the thin customizes shells of tooth coloured material which fit over the front surface of the teeth.

Veneers used to improve the appearance of teeth and enhance the smile . They mainly designed in different sizes, length, shape and colour.

Dental veneers can designed from High impact composite (HIC) material or Porcelain and Zirconia. Veneers resist stains .

The light reflection properties restore with HIC and porcelain veneers thus acting as natural teeth/tooth.

Veneers widely used with minimal tooth preparation or no tooth preparation. Minimal tooth preparation done when the teeth malaigned, of irregular shape or uneven. Certain teeth that have craters or slightly bulges out of occlusion can be minimally prepared by proximal or buccal stripping . These teeth can corrected to natural form by placing veneers thus restoring the esthetic form and function of the teeth. Minimal preparation further reduces tooth loss maintaining the healthy tooth structure integrity. Only enamel reshaping done without harming the pulp or dentin thus the tooth remains vital.

Direct veneers with no tooth preparation can done directly on worn out teeth , discoloured teeth with previous root canal treatment, teeth stained with drugs such as tetracycline or with excessive fluoride. Broken or dislodged previous fillings in a tooth can repaired with direct veneers. Direct veneers also can placed in case of spacing or diastema cases closes gap between teeth.

Dental veneers bonded permanently to the tooth surface. The bonding done with various materials such as light cure bonding agents and resin based cements.

Veneers are well tolerated by the gum tissue and are stain resistant.

Thus veneers acts as conservative channel as compared to a full crown preparation giving a stronger and esthetic approach. Clinical visits also lessened.

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