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Titanium Bar + Denture

Dentures are just a removable artificial replacement for natural teeth and gums. They are different from other kinds of replacements or repairs in that they are not permanently attached to the natural teeth or the jawbones. As dentures are made out of artificial materials and are not usually built on top of existing enamel, they generally don’t deteriorate with time. The main reason why dentures usually need to be changed or replaced is because the patient’s tissue and bone structure changes over time. As this is a natural and unavoidable part of getting older, dentures often require tweaking if they are to remain comfortable and secure in the patient’s mouth.

Titanium, has been used in the medical and research industry for decades. It is a metal that is strong, lightweight, non-toxic and corrosion resistant. Dental implants made of titanium have a long-term success rate of about 95%, which is mainly credited to its excellent biocompatibility due to the formation of a stable oxide layer on its surface.

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