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By definition, a provisional fixed prosthesis is one that is designed to enhance esthetics, stabilization and/or function for a limited period of time, after which it necessitates to be replaced by a definitive prosthesis. Often, these prostheses are used to assist in determining the therapeutic effectiveness of a specific treatment plan.

These prostheses are largely required to fulfill the biological, mechanical and esthetic requirements of a restoration, while having its properties remain as close to natural teeth and surrounding structures as possible.The importance of providing interim treatment with provisional restorations becomes critical in cases of full mouth reconstruction, in which multiple teeth are prepared. In these situations, provisional restorations are typically used for relatively long periods of time (6-12 weeks), to monitor patient comfort and satisfaction and to allow for any necessary adjustments. Provisional material selection is generally based on how their mechanical, physical, and handling properties fulfil specific requirements for a particular clinical case. Other factors that need to be considered are biocompatibility and complications from intraoral use, for example, chemical injury from the presence of monomer residue or thermal injury from an exothermic polymerisation reaction.


  • Protecting pulpal and periodontal health
  • Promoting guided tissue healing in order to achieve an acceptable emergence profile
  • Evaluating several hygiene procedures
  • Preventing migration of the abutment teeth
  • Providing adequate occlusal scheme
  • Evaluating maxilla-mandibular relationships
  • Protecting and resetting the joint function
  • Cost effective

Provisional Fixed Restorations are mainly of three types

  • Preformed Custom Crowns (these usuallyconsist of tooth-shaped shells of plastic, celluloseacetate or metal)
  • Customized Resin Restorations
  • Acrylic Resins (available as powder and liquid)

Techniques Used

  • Indirect Technique (This technique involves fabricating the restoration outside the patient’s mouth, i.e in the laboratory
  • Indirect-Direct Technique (In this technique, the bulk external surface is preformed, while the internal tissue surface is custom prepared inside the patient’s mouth) (Laboratory provides the waxup and the impression for temporary creation)
  • Direct Technique (The entire restoration and its soft tissue features are prepared inside the patient’s mouth)

Precise knowledge of available materials and techniques enables the clinician to reline, modify, or repair these restorations as he/she sees fit.

At INDENT LABORATORY, we serve the patient and the dentist by providing excellent, & aesthetic provisional for temporary to intermediate restorations

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