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PEEK Framework + HIC/Zirconia

Polyether ether ketone is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic material. In recent years, it has gained considerable popularity over conventional metal frameworks due to its lucrative and resilient properties.

PEEK frameworks have the highest aesthetic retention, along with resistance to scratching and abrasion. They are made from a biocompatible polymer of polyether ether ketone and are strengthened using about 20% ceramic. They’ve served in the field of body Implantology for over 30 yearsin the form ofintervertebral discs, hip joints etc. With the improvement by ceramic fillers, these materials have found uses in dental applications, especially as a framework.The stiffness and elasticity of these materials is very identical to the natural human bone, which reduces the effect of stress shielding around the implant and thereby increasesits lifespan. The soft tissue adapts to the PEEK and creates microscopic connections which help in reducing the microbial leakage. These materials are approximately 8-9 times lighter than conventional metal and titanium frameworks. They possess no galvanic effects and do not cause a metallic taste in the mouth.They can absorb large amounts of load and would rather flex than break. Lastly, accidental fractures in the frameworks can be fixed by the chairside itself.


  • Are anti-allergic- No metal, oxide or monomer in its composition
  • Weight and density are similar to the natural bone
  • Do not have a metallic taste
  • Off-peak effect –They reduce the compression and torsion caused by chewing
  • Heat conduction similar to teeth - increases comfort
  • Low abrasion and good versatility
  • Maximum customisability
  • Cuts similar to dentin
  • Conserving the antagonists
  • Optimal osseointegration
  • Optimal gingival management
  • Good longevity of the restoration
  • Natural oral feeling and chewing sensation
  • Natural aesthetics
  • Allows immediate restoration and is a one-time treatment
  • Is used as a framework, or custom abutment

Technical Data

  • Flexural Strength - 180 MPa
  • E Modulus - >4550 MPa
  • Wear Time - 9 years


  • Can be used as Long span fixed prosthesis. Especially implants and implant-tooth borne prostheses
  • Can be used in cases where there are repeated failure of implants or zirconia/metal prostheses
  • Patients who are not comfortable or allergic to conventional material restorations
  • Maxillofacial prosthesis and custom implants in cases of trauma and cancer rehabilitations

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