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PEEK Bar + Denture

Simply put, dentures are just a removable artificial replacement for natural teeth and gums. They are different from other kinds of replacements or repairs in that they are not permanently attached to the natural teeth or the jawbones. As the only way to replace a lost tooth is to use some form of anchor (usually the natural teeth), if multiple teeth on the same row are missing, dentures are the only viable solution.


  • PEEK framework is a viable option for people who have lost several or natural of their natural teeth and want less load on the existing structures.
  • If multiple teeth are missing in one row, the facial tissues can begin to sag and cave inwards. Dentures over PEEK help in preventing this and in turn, help make the patient look and feel normal.
  • A sturdy, flexible and easy to maintain combination.
  • Can be used in cases where there are repeated failure of implants or zirconia/metal prostheses.
  • Patients who are not comfortable or allergic to conventional material restorations.

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