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Detailed case planning is a key step in achieving a successful treatment strategy that enables our patients to achieve consistent, durable and effective results. Every member of our team here at Dental Creations carry our core value of providing the highest quality of service to all those who entrust us with their dental wellbeing.

When it comes to implants, we have an intricate, specific and predetermined process of providing an end-to-end solution to our patients

Dental CBCT and 3D Modelling

We use the Dental Cone Beam Tomography [Dental CBCT] to evaluate the position of teeth, bone structures, joints and the airway. This technique helps us in estimating the accurate placement of implants, provides 3D evaluation and aids in complex root canal diagnosis. This computerised scan uses advanced technology to generate three-dimensional images, which we sometimes turn into 3D models to assess our patients better. We have in house CBCT which the patient can avail facility of.

Surgical Guides

All our cases are planned digitally, as we’re able to utilise a combination of supporting structures during the treatment planning and design process. These structures canphp $this->load->view teeth, mucosa, bone, and possibly existing implant components. Surgical guides are a great way to reduce manual errors, avoid pre- and post-operative complications, and increase the precision with which we place our implants.

Provisional Restoration

Once we evaluate the nuances of our patient’s maxillofacial structures and functions, achieve appropriate tooth preps (if any) and place the implants in the patient’s jaw bones, it becomes essential for us to provide our patients with a provisional restoration which maintains the aesthetic and functional qualities of natural teeth, while also helping prevent migration of the teeth near the implant sites and the over-extrusion of opposing teeth. Our provisional restorations are made to deliver maximum comfort to patients, while making sure they check all the boxes of necessary requirement.

Final Restoration

Once the dental implants are secured in place, adequate osseointegration has taken place, and the provisional restoration phase indicates maximum patient satisfaction, we proceed with the placement of the final restorations. Our final restorations are either screw-retained or cement-retained, and restore all aesthetics and functions of natural teeth.

With the revolutionary SAPT technology and PEEK+HIPC polymers the final restorations can now be placed on same day without need of provisional restoration.

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