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Simply put, dentures are just a removable artificial replacement for natural teeth and gums. They are different from other kinds of replacements or repairs in that they are not permanently attached to the natural teeth or the jaw bones.

Dentures are available as

  • Full or Complete Dentures – Replace all the teeth in the maxilla and/or mandible
  • Partial Dentures – Replace a few teeth that are missing

As the only way to replace a lost tooth is to use some form of anchor (usually the natural teeth), if multiple teeth on the same row are missing, dentures are the only viable solution.They are generally custom designed to fit the patient’s mouth, and visually matched to the patient’s existingteeth and surrounding tissue. Complete dentures are often worn for most of the day as a replacement for natural teeth, andremoved for cleaning at night. Partial dentures work in the same way, but are clipped on to the remaining natural teeth as an added feature.

How long do dentures last?

As dentures are made out of artificial materials and are not usually built on top of existing enamel, they generally don’t deteriorate with time. The main reason why dentures usually need to be changed or replaced is because the patient’s tissue and bone structure changes over time. As this is a natural and unavoidable part of getting older, dentures often require tweaking if they are to remain comfortable and secure in the patient’s mouth.


  • Are a viable option for people who have lost several or natural of their natural teeth
  • If multiple teeth are missing in one row, the facial tissues can begin to sag and cave inwards. Dentures help in preventing this and in turn, help make the patient look and feel normal
  • Are completely pain-free
  • Are sturdy, flexible and easy to maintain
  • Economically cheapest


  • Due to anatomic changes in tissue and bone structure, dentures need to be changed every few years
  • Require multiple sittings to be fabricated
  • Are required to be cleaned frequently
  • In cases of partial dentures, can lead to abutment tooth loss
  • They cause bone loss

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