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CoCr Bar + Denture

Dentures are a removable artificial replacement for natural teeth and gums. They are different from other kinds of replacements or repairs in that they are not permanently attached to the natural teeth or the jawbones. Dentures are available as Full or Complete Dentures OR Partial Dentures. As the only way to replace a lost tooth is to use some form of anchor (usually the natural teeth), if multiple teeth on the same row are missing, dentures are the only viable solution.

Co-Cr alloy dentures and cast partial frameworks have been commonly manufactured. They show excellent mechanical properties such as strength and toughness, castability, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Their corrosion resistance is better than that of stainless steel, and wear resistance is better than stainless steel and Titanium alloys, but their plasticity and workability are lower than those of stainless steel and Titanium alloys.


  • Cost-efficient and corrosion-resistant framework
  • Have good biocompatibility
  • Have good hardness and tensile strength
  • Show excellent wear-resistance

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