Zirconia is a ceramic material used for prosthodontic prosthesis such as crowns and bridges. It is stronger than porcelain, corrosion resistant , translucent and has high flexural strength.


  • Single crowns
  • Multiple crowns and bridges
  • Full mouth rehabilitation cases
  • Mild to moderate discolored teeth


  • Esthetically superior
  • Color stability maintained
  • Expected life is more than 5 years
  • Biocompatible and highly corrosion resistant
  • High flexural strength
  • Used in patients with metal allergies
  • Manifacturing process provides the patient with a precise fit thus reducing the chair side time of adjusting the prosthesis


  • Expensive
  • Elasticity is poor
  • Damages internal tooth structure, Tmj joint, alveolar bone.
  • Repairs are almost impossible
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