Is it possible to walk only with your right leg or just use your left hand, yes it is possible but obviously with difficulty. Then why do you make your jaw joint go through such difficulty by eating from only your one side. Restore your bite with a excellent mayofunctional crown and bridge and relieve your joint with the strain you give every day. Let both your sides do the job of eating food rite and properly.

Restoring a major part of your dentition helps you improve your bite as well as occlusion, which make basic functional operations simple and easy.

It is also a boon for oral hygiene as depositions of tartar are seen on the nonfunctional surfaces of the teeth while unilateral mastication.

Extrinsic tobacco stains along with missing teeth observed in this case was a major concern of the patient. An emaculate restoration of her aesthetic and functional characteristics of her teeth has been done. Prolong avoidance in restoring the missing teeth can cause ridge resorption which can further prohibit rehabilitation of the teeth.

Here a diagnostic post operation picture, helps in observing the progress of the patient.

Improper prosthesis with disrupted margins and wrong shade can make these prosthesis look fake and unnatural. Where as a prosthesis with accurate shade complementing their complexion and with sharp and smooth margins along with a blanced occlusion can increase the functionality of the prosthesis as well as their comfort for patient. Similar prosthesis replacement of upper arch was performed with apt quality made our patient a happy man.

A damaged or distorted quadrant teeth or prosthesis can also hinder proper functioning of the antagonist quadrant teeth or prosthesis which is already in good condition. Thus it is necessary to restore the imbalance and make these comfortable for the patient.